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McClue’s Best Bits!

A selection of recordings from Scottie McClue’s “Nightline” programme from the now extinct Scot FM.

 To download these clips, right-click on the file name on the left and select “Save target as...”

Filename Description Length Filesize
twisted old boot.mp3 A lady calls to question Scottie’s approach to a previous caller. They indulge in some light-hearted, gentle banter 3:02 2.79 mb
mr martin 1.mp3 An elderly gentleman is disgusted with Mr McClue 4:20 3.97 mb
mr martin 2.mp3 “Mr Martin” demands an apology 10:35 9.69 mb

This collection was going to be added to frequently with dozens of Scottie's finest moments - but, as my out-of-copyright collection of content has been blatantly copied from here without credit, it will no longer be.

If you would like to add anything or just chat about Scottie McClue then please get in touch on the forum

Dinky Doo!